DVA (pilot)

I was so honored to play a role in bringing this monumental statue to life. I was responsible for posing and sculpting the high res pilot asset for 3d printing. Along with all the necessary engineering to prep it for reproduction. Dominic Qwek handled the mech. (which had to be cut in to over 80 pieces for printing.. XD We also spent many hours carving details in by hand on the initial resin castings to make sure we didn't lose any detail through the process. Laurel Austin did the cool paint and decal work. The VPP team for their great pics. Of course all of our hard work was based on the rad digital model provided by the talented people on the Overwatch team. Many thanks go out to Arnold Tsang, Renaud Galand, Bill Petras and the whole group of amazing people that brought this game to life. It's an amazing team of people to work with.