Death Dealer (After Frazetta)
I wanted to follow up my Barbarian with the other huge Frazetta project I completed last year. Sculpted for ARH statues and also licensed by the Frazetta family. It debuted at Comic Con in NY. It was done the same way as the Barbarian. Rough sculpt in ZBrush. Printed on my Airwolf. Then Silicone molds and recast everything in wax. Once all the detailing was done on the wax, I made master molds and casts with the help of Jeremy Monz. The master protoype was assembled and painted by Jim Rowell. It was an exhausting but extremely rewarding project. The final sculpt dimensions are 31" tall - 29" width - 15" depth. (79cm X 73cm X 38cm) Check out my Patreon account for tutorials and free ztls