Medusa ; Victorius
This is the Medusa I sculpted for ARH studios. This statue debuted at the 2015 NY Comic Con. It was modeled almost entirely in ZBrush with a few base meshes (particularly the snakes) made in Maya. I was responsible for the concept, sculpting, and printing. I did most of the processing as well using a combination of zbrush dynames Booleans and Netfabb for clean up work. Rich Lafarga assisted with this as well. I did all the printing on our Sratasys Eden. The statue is 29" (74cm) tall. The base had to be cut and printed in 5 pie sections. The tail was printed in 6 pieces. Our printer was running nearly non-stop for 3 weeks to finish this thing. The prototype was painted by Arahom Radjah. I uploaded a ton of renders so you could see some of the wip pics and also the final product shots. Check out my Patreon account for tutorials and free ztls